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Banking Solutions

To address the Bank requirements, Xiphos has designed and developed customized but standard solutions for State Co-Op Banks including

Reporting Solution

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Why Reporting Solution Is Required?


  • Most of the Banks have Core Banking Solution (CBS) Implemented for regular Banking operations. Every CBS generates several reports on a Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly basis.
  • Unfortunately many of those reports have no direct impact on regular banking operations. Hence Banks engage their employees to generate the required reports by collecting information from various CBS reports they receive on a daily basis. This is a not only time consuming process but also an error prone system.
  • Banks also depends on certain employee who has the capability to create these reports from CBS data.

To address the above issues, Xiphos has designed and developed an Intelligent Report Generation Framework solution for CBS environment, which can be customized according to the Bank requirement and produce reports in a portable format (PDF) or other formats instantly.

We also have reporting solution for Non Performing Assets (NPA) including:

  • Branch-wise NPA Summary
  • Branch-wise NPA Details
  • Consolidated NPA
  • NPA Recovery

ATM Card Reconciliation & Card Management

For every ATM transactions, banks needs to track and monitor transactions by comparing reports generated from DATA sources like –

  • ATM Switch Report
  • Core Banking Solution (CBS) Reports
  • Electronic Journel


  • Most of the Co-Operative banks are managing these reconciliation job manually or semi-automatically.
  • Employee Dependent
  • Time taking activity – delayed preparation
  • Error prone

Xiphos has developed a centralized solution, integrated with Branch portal system.

  • Effortless Reports –  no dependency on individuals
  • Can generate by any authorized branch personnel
  • System generated – error free presentation
  • Quick turnaround – on demand report

Every bank has ATM installed offers ATM cum Debit cards to its customers.

Present Problems

  • Managing manual or semi-manual process to handle request, issue and dispatch processes.
  • Unable to identify the details of individual card at the branch level.
  • No automated or predefined MIS reports except generating reports using common tools like Microsoft Excel / Word.
  • No centralized card management.

Benefits from Xiphos solution

  • Secured and Centralized system.
  •  Can be accessible from any branch
  •  Fully automated, does not require specialized help
  •  ATM card browser for HO and Branches for easy finding
  • On demand  reports
  •  ATM usage reports as per RBI guidelines

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