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Database Maintenance

Xiphos has the technical expertise of managing relational database management system with highest levels of reliability, performance and scalability. It can ensure uninterrupted availability and performance of your relational database installations. The services include server monitoring, query and space management, backup and restoration, performance tuning and regular maintenance. Our offshore team has expertise to provide 24*7 maintenance & support for all business critical application of our clients.

We are specialist for most of the enterprise class proprietary and open source databases including Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, Vectorwise, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL. We are also capable to handle cluster databases and cross platform migration activities

Our cross-platform skills have empowered us to deliver innovative database architectures and replication solutions matching our client’s needs and environment. Our proven methodology helps clients optimize their investment in Oracle Technology and achieve real business benefits and ROI.

  • Upgrading & Integrating existing legacy databases and applications
  • Development of database applications using SQL
  • Maintenance and support of applications
  • Database clean up
  • Database Migration (cross platform)
  • Database Installation (any platform)
  • Database Up-gradation
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Performance Tuning
  • Networking
  • Database Design
  • Managing development projects
  • Performance tuning of Application codes

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