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Document Management System

Implementation of document management system will provide imaging, management and workflow for documents across organization. This project will serve across departments in any organization. An electronic document management system involves storing documents digitally, capturing both image and text. Once this is done, users can then retrieve information easily using a desktop computer from LAN or Internet. Electronically converted documents like purchase orders, invoices can be archived immediately and readily accessed by anyone who may require the information, reducing the need for multiple hard copies and speeding up the delivery of these documents to departments. Document management systems also offer the opportunity to streamline procedures through the management of work queues.

  • Document Management
  • Records management
  • Web content services
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Open standards
  • Easy Administration

Document management and workflow techniques are widely used in many organizations. There are significant organizational benefits that can be derived from implementing this solution.


  • Ease of access to information. This is a result of the ability to index documents and allow flexible access to them so that they can be viewed on an Intranet and searched for specific topics.
  • Prevention of the loss of information. Electronic imaging avoids wasted time searching for lost or misfiled documents.
  • Security of Information. Documents can be backed up electronically and are protected for loss by fire and also documents will avoid damage caused by multiple handling.
  • Version Control. Avoids the risk of using out-of-date documents or having multiple copies by providing for an archived master copy, this would be appropriate for future uses.
  • Paper Storage Costs. Documents can be stored in cheap, off-site storage whilst the images are used, or potentially destroyed.
  • Paper Handling Costs. Reducing the volume of paper passing through the internal mail system.

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