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Android Based Spot Billing Solution for Meter Reading

Xiphos has developed a sophisticated light weight mixed platform application that can be used by utility organizations (power, gas, distribution) for capturing meter reading and generating spot receipt after realization of payment from different category of consumers.

Monthly collection of payments from consumers against their usage of gas/electricity is a very complex and time consuming activity. The average days required to complete a single cycle is about 3 weeks or more in some cases. There are lots of steps are involved in this process life cycle:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Capture
  • Bill Processing
  • Bill Printing & Dispatch
  • Delivery
  • Payment Realization within/after due date.
  • Consolidation


There are multiple manual efforts are involved in this process hence total cost per consumer becomes higher, adversely impacting Company’s profitability.

  • Application developed using latest version of Google operating system – Android (compatible with Android ver 2.3.6 and above) branded as e-Collection.
  • Can be installed in any hand set (mobile phone, Tablet PC) of any make with above or higher version of Android o/s.
  • Application will have an intuitive user interface that will capture required information of consumed quantity till that date for that particular consumer. The collected dataset then gets forwarded to the central server for instant processing and relevant charges are reverted back instantly.
  • Attached Blue-tooth printer can print the receipt immediately for payment. If payment is received, collector will update the record with payment collection information in the central database. If not collected instantly, then it will follow the existing collection procedure.
  • The secured portal will allow authorized users to access/verify metering/billing data regularly using appropriate authentication.
  • Portal will also generate customized MIS reports – daily / weekly / monthly / yearly as requested by user department during implementation.
  • Authorized user can view / search the data related to their jurisdiction.
  • Portal administrator can manage all user access rights across the departments.

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