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Road Accident Data Analysis & Review (RADAR)

RADAR (Road Accident Data Analysis & Review) is an enterprise class application providing detailed information to Police Department of any road accident happening within their jurisdiction. Information will include apart from this list below, host of other information as entered by the authorities:

  • Accident details and Location
  • Date & Time
  • Class of vehicles involved
  • Causality Information
  • Schematic Diagram of Accident
  • Traffic/Police Officer Name
  • Local police station etc.

This application will capture accident information and generate substantial reports for the police administration. The product will have three different modules each has distinct features and functionalities.

  • Spot Information Collection
  • On-line Information Capture
  • Management Information System – Dashboard Reporting


The captured accident data which is vital for insurance claim settlements, assisting the judiciary with evidences during hearing of these accident cases in the court of law.

This application prevents such incidents. Analysing the captured data authorities will have a ready information about the locations which are accident prone with details of the likely offenders and victims and plan corrective actions to prevent recurrence of such ghastly incidents.

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